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At Elora Road, we strive to offer students a rigorous, quality education in a Christ-filled atmosphere of love and caring. We live in a continually changing world where families are finding it more difficult to find a safe environment for their children’s educational needs and Christian growth and development. We believe in creating a partnership between the home and school that allows students to flourish and achieve success.

JK / SK Programs

Elora Road Christian School is pleased to offer full-time and part time (3 days/week) options for our Junior and Senior Kindergarten program. Our curriculum incorporates hands on learning experiences and traditional book learning. Part-time days for both JK and SK will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Grade 1-8


Our curriculum focuses on developing a high proficiency level in math and literacy and developing collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Our Responsive Classroom pedagogy aids in this process by creating an environment of inclusivity, teaching social-emotional skills, and providing consistency in classroom discipline and teacher language in each class. Students begin French, music and art classes in grade 1 and grades 5-8 are given opportunities to explore instrumental music, guitar, ukulele, and drama.


ERCS uses the Singapore Math curriculum to develop a deep understanding of math concepts and proficiency in basic and increasingly advanced mathematical skills.

Writing & Literature

Using the Learning Without Tears curriculum, students in JK-Grade 4 work on printing, cursive writing and keyboarding skills. Through the years, our students learn a variety of different writing styles, including journaling, poetry, creative fiction, essays, and speech writing. Each class studies an assortment of novels, short stories, poems and other types of reading material.


Students learn about the scientific world in many ways, including experimentation, group work, hands-on projects and Scholastic and Pearson texts. Students are exposed to the majority of units covered in the Ontario Curriculum as well as other units of interest including chemistry and genetics.


Christian growth and development is part of the academic curriculum for all students in grades JK to 8. Students learn about God and the Bible through stories, scripture memorization, application lessons and in class discussions. Our weekly chapel time reinforces the lessons that are taught in class and provide us with an opportunity to join together as a community. No prior Bible knowledge is required to attend ERCS.

Physical Education

All classes participate in physical education classes several times a week. There is also the opportunity to compete in interschool competitions through CAASO. Grade 3 students participate in Swim to Survive, a three-week program to help children learn survival swimming proficiency. Grades 5 to 8 students participate in an annual ski day at Hockley Valley Resort. As well, the whole school participates in monthly skating days throughout the winter months.

Art & Music

All students participate in visual arts classes as part of their core curriculum. Our grade JK to 4 students participate in weekly music classes and have the opportunity to learn to play the bells, chimes, and recorder. For our Junior and Senior students, we offer the chance to learn to play a musical instrument such as the ukulele, guitar, or band instrument. For more information learn about our Arts Program.


French language studies begin in grade 1. We use the AIM Language Learning Curriculum which focuses on developing conversational French speaking, reading, and writing skills. This program is supplemented with French grammar lessons so that students are prepared to continue their French studies in high school.

Social Studies/History/Geography

Students in grades 1 to 6 learn about current and past societies, Canadian geography, and current social issues using the Nelson Social Studies curriculum and other resources. Our grade 7 and 8 students follow the Ontario Curriculum for History and Geography.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important way for students to understand concepts taught in class in a more concretely. The cost of most field trips is covered by tuition fees.

Special Education

Each student has their own unique character, gifts and abilities specially designed by God. We strive to make sure all of our students can reach their full potential by providing resources to aid them in their daily work. We incorporate Universal Design for Learning concepts in the classroom to help all students engage in meaningful ways. Where special support is needed, we work with students and parents to create an IEP (Individual Education Program). Students may receive extra support from our Educational Assistants, either in class or separately, depending on individual needs. Please note – as a small school, we provide as much support as possible, but there are limits to our capacity. We would love to meet with you to discuss any individual circumstances and decide together if we are able to best meet your child’s needs. For more information, please request a copy of our Accessibility Policy.

Responsive Classroom

In 2019, ERCS shifted our classroom pedagogy to follow the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching. This program focuses not only on the academic progress of students but also on their development of social-emotional competencies.

The four Responsive Classroom domains are:

  • Engaging Academics (lessons are challenging and promote wonder and curiosity),

  • Positive Community (building a classroom and school community where students feel they belong and are significant),

  • Effective Management (a calm learning environment that encourages autonomy and personal responsibility) and

  • Developmentally Responsive Teaching (teaching and discipline is based on knowledge of student’s emotional and physical development).

ERCS has incorporated many of the Responsive Classroom practices and strategies into our classrooms including:

  • Daily Morning Meeting, Quiet, and Closing Circle times to allow students to connect with each other and their teacher

  • Interactive Modelling to teach new skills

  • Teacher language that helps to engage students in their learning

  • Logical Consequences as a non-punitive response to misbehaviour that allows students to fix and learn from their mistakes

Learn more about Four Domains of Responsive Classroom and how this translates into Classroom practices.

+ After School Care

Before school care is available free of charge beginning at 8:30 am. Students can enter their classrooms by 8:45 am each day.

Care will be available until 5:30pm after school. To register for the after school program, please email


Late charges: $5 per 5 minutes of late pick-up per family

Note: For us to meet our operating costs, fees may be higher if there is only one family staying after school on a particular day.

Child care receipts available.

To register for the after school program, please email In order for us to arrange staffing, all after school care requests for the coming week must be submitted by 2:00 pm Friday. Parents may call the office before 10:00am to see if same day placement is possible (only available if other families have booked care that day).

Minimum of 24 hours cancellation is required. The minimum charge will be invoiced for last minute cancellations.

Students will be either in the family room or outside for free play. There may also be a quiet area for independent work. No snack will be provided, but parents are welcome to send after school snacks in their lunch.

Please note: changes to this policy can be made by the school at any time if necessary. Parents will be given as much notice as possible of upcoming changes.

+ Community Projects

Part of the mission at ERCS is to empower our students to make a difference in the world around them. Each year, our students participate in a social project. From supporting our local hospital to raising money for schools in developing countries, ERCS students are making a difference!

For our 2022-2023 global outreach, we have chosen to support LifeWater Canada, an organization that provides clean water and sanitation in several developing countries. On Friday, May 19th, our students will carry pails of water for 5 km in solidarity with millions of children who do this daily out of necessity.

Find out more about LifeWater Canada

Some examples of previous community projects include:

  • The Marden Marathon in support of Groves Memorial Hospital in Fergus

  • A Well Walk to raise money for wells at schools in Zambia

  • FAST 55: Students fasted from screens for 55 hours to raise money to purchase computers for Dominican Republic schools

  • The collection of 2 large suitcases of school supplies and stuffed animals that were sent with a mission team to schools in Peru

  • Participation in the Green Legacy Programme – a local initiative to improve the environment by encouraging tree planting

  • Food drives for the Salvation Army and the Centre Wellington Foodbank

+ Part-Time Program for Homeschool Students

This year ERCS is offering a part-time student program to help accommodate some of our school families who have chosen to homeschool in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As this is a new program some guidelines and procedures may change as the year progresses.


  • ERCS currently has three 1.5 hour teaching blocks per day, for a total of 15 teaching blocks per week.

  • Part-time students can select as many teaching blocks as they would like to attend.

  • The schedule for each class will be made available so that students and parents can choose the blocks that work best for them.

  • Students can also attend 1 break/recess time either before or after their selected block.

  • The cost for each teaching block is $30 per child, per day.

  • Parents are required to commit to a minimum of 6 weeks of participation.

  • A minimum of 6 weeks worth of payment MUST be received before part-time students can attend class.

  • Blocks can be changed at the end of Term 1 (January 28, 2022), but cannot be changed in the middle of the term.

  • Additional blocks may be added mid-term with special permission from the principal.

  • No formal grades or assessments will be provided for the classes attended, but students will receive help during class time from the teacher to complete assignments, and some assignments may be marked.

  • If workbooks are required for the block selected, parents will be required to purchase these workbooks for their children. Students will also be expected to bring their own standard school supplies, pencils, pens, markers etc. with them.

  • Any photocopies or temporary required supplies will be provided by the school.

  • Part-time students are not required to wear school uniforms.

  • Part-time students are expected to follow all COVID guidelines in place at ERCS.


9:20 -10:50 TEACHING BLOCK #1

10:50 – 11:30 BREAK #1

11:35 – 1:05 TEACHING BLOCK #2

1:05 – 1:45 BREAK # 2

1:50 – 3:20 TEACHING BLOCK #3


Students have the opportunity to participate in many sports, including track and field, cross country, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Our school is located on approximately ten acres of land which includes a wooded area. We have a baseball diamond and soccer field, as well as sand pits and high jump for track and field. We strive to encourage athletic excellence, but also to ensure our students develop Christ-like character in all they do, including sportsmanship and persevering through challenges. Throughout the school year, ERCS has the opportunity to compete with other Southern Ontario Christian Schools through CAASO (Christian Athletic Association of Southern Ontario). Go ERCS Lions!!!

ERCS Lions Updates

CAASO Basketball
In February, our senior boys basketball team travelled to Burlington to participate in the CAASO basketball tournament. The kids represented our school both on the court and off. They handled themselves admirably all day. We played as a team and won every game. It was so exciting to see so many players scoring a basket, passing to one another, and encouraging each other. Our team won the first place ribbon and the athletic award went to Miracle for his excellent defence, sportsmanship, and many baskets scored.

CAASO Badminton
On Monday, January 30th, nine ERCS students traveled to the KW Badminton Club in Kitchener to compete in the CAASO Badminton tournament.

Our teams competed well during their round-robin games. Each team won at least one game. After the round-robin, our mixed doubles team of Claire and Miracle was undefeated and had a bye to the semi-final round. After three challenging games, they were defeated and ended up in 6th place overall. Congratulations on a job well done!

CAASO Volleyball
On Tuesday, November 29th, our senior students competed in the CAASO Volleyball Tournament at RIM Park in Waterloo. Both our boys and girls teams competed well and showed excellent sportsmanship. During the round-robin, both teams won four games and lost four games. This placed the boys team in 4th place and meant they did not progress to the semi-final match against Koinonia Christian Academy. Although they tried their best and won the longest rally of the match, they lost both games and finished in 3rd place overall. Sportsmanship awards were awarded to Abbey P. and Dominic F. for their consistent serving, encouraging words on the court, and consistent hard work and determination. Special thanks to Mr. Burkhardt and Mrs. Westendorp our coaches and Laura Feenstra and Erica Martin who drove our students to and from the tournament and helped cheer them on.

CAASO Cross Country
We were happy to host the CAASO Cross Country Meet on Oct. 14th. Thirteen schools participated, with over 400 students competing. Special mention to Malia G, who placed third in the midget girls category. Overall, ERCS placed 7th. Thank you to Mrs. Bauman for coaching our teams, and to all of the parents and alumni who volunteered for the day!


The Arts are an important part of a well-rounded education. In addition to technical skills learned, students increase in confidence as they are able to share their talents with the school community.

All students participate in visual arts and public speaking as part of their regular curriculum. Students in grades JK to 4 also participate in choir and learn to play simple instruments such as bells, chimes, or a recorder. Students in grades 5 through 8 have the opportunity to participate in ukulele and instrumental (band, woodwind, and percussion) music classes.

Special Productions

Each year, ERCS invites family and friends to two big productions – our Christmas Program and a Spring Celebration of Learning. All students participate in these programs. This is a chance for students to showcase what they have been learning and practicing throughout the year.

Other Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to join the worship band, and lead worship at several assemblies throughout the year.

There is also the option to arrange for private piano lessons at school. Extra fees apply. Contact the office for more information.

Experience why our children are HAPPY to learn!